Where did this popularity of the statue of the Virgin

Where did this popularity of the statue of the Virgin Mary come from?

She is the main saint of Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox and Copts. Mary is the mother of Jesus and she is referred to by numerous names, such as the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Madonna and Our Lady. In places where she appeared to people, chapels are often built with an image of her person. You can also find her image in many churches, home altars and prayer rooms. For many people, both religious and non-believers, Mary is a great role model. She gives comfort or is a mediatrix to pray to God. What does Mary stand for and why do you come across the statue of Mary so often?

Mary: mother of the Savior

Mary was such a pure and pure person that she was chosen by God to give birth to His Son into the world. According to the stories, she had never committed a sin. Mary got engaged to Joseph and became pregnant without having had intercourse. Together with her fianc√©, she traveled to Bethlehem to be registered, and during that trip, Jesus was born, who became the Savior from the sin of mankind. By believers, Mary is often invoked as the mother of the Savior. People then ask Mary to pray for them. Therefore, you see the image of Mary everywhere, such as at a field chapel near a country road. The image of Mary is also frequently seen in the form of garden statues or at people’s personal prayer places.

Accessible saint

Mary is one of the most frequently depicted people in the world. Marian images were often created in response to moments in history when the mother of Jesus showed herself to ordinary people. She then gave a command or message to the one for whom she appeared. For example, the story goes that she appeared in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. Mary is seen as the mother of God as well as a symbol of humanity. She symbolizes motherhood, the future and the creation of a better world. She is considered a very accessible person to whom it is easy to pray.

Having Mary always close to you

From Marian chapels where you can light a candle to a Lourdes grotto, statues of Mary can be found everywhere in the Netherlands and abroad. Many people like to have Mary close to them in the form of a replica of a well-known statue. If you plan to place a beautiful statue of Mary in your garden, you can pick a winterproof one at the Garden Sculpture Center. The statues in the collection are made of solid concrete and are stable. The large statues and smaller statues of the Tuinbeeldencenter always have a luxurious appearance and are frost-resistant. Besides outside, you can also give them a nice spot inside.

Where does the popularity of the statue of the Virgin Mary come from .