What types of wood can you use in a wood

What types of wood can you use in a wood stove?

A wood stove can be placed in several places and create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. For an indoor and outdoor soapstone wood stove, you can use several types of wood. However, there are certain things you should pay attention to before using wood for a wood stove. Using painted or varnished wood in a wood stove can cause health problems. To avoid this, it is therefore important to check the wood carefully before using it for firing. In this blog, you will read which wood is best to use for the wood stove.

Birch and oak wood

Oak wood is most commonly used in wood stoves. This type of wood is often for sale in hardware stores. To get oak to burn you need some patience, but in the end this type of wood burns for a long time. Other types of wood such as alder, unlike oak, provide a beautiful flame. In addition, alder wood gives off a lot of heat due to the fast burning of the wood. Ash wood and birch wood are two more types of wood that you can use for wood stoves. Ash, like alder, gives off a lot of heat and also has a nice smell during combustion.

Do not use treated wood

When you gather some wood here and there to use for your wood stove, it is very important to check this wood carefully first. If the collected wood is varnished or painted it is better not to use it in your wood stove. This is because during the burning of treated wood, toxic and chemical substances are released from the paint and varnish. When you inhale these substances it can be bad for your health. Once this gets into your home it will linger for a long time and you will breathe it in for a long time as well. Despite the fact that the smoke from an outdoor wood stove blows away faster, these substances released can still be harmful. In addition, it is also important to consider your neighbors when using your wood stove. Make sure you use the wood stove in good consultation and that the neighbors are not bothered by it.

What types of wood can you use in a wood stove? .