What is the best exterior paint

What is the best exterior paint?

If you want to paint woodwork or other materials outside, you are looking for the best exterior paint. What properties are important? A good protection of your window frames, doors, gazebo or fence outside. You also don’t want to have to worry about the exterior for a long time. And you want a clean result, beautiful color and, above all, an exterior paint that is easy to apply and dries quickly. Then Sikkens exterior paint is your best buy. Because Sikkens offers you excellent exterior paints, depending on the material you want to paint. Choose a paint that gives you up to 10 years maintenance free. Or a paint with excellent weather resistance, excellent coverage and optimal color retention. Whatever demands you have on your exterior paint, Sikkens has the ideal product for you. Order your exterior paint on color easily online, buy exterior paints always advantageous at Online Paint, look also for the paint offers!

Which is better, high gloss or matt exterior paint?

The choice between high gloss and matte for exterior paint depends largely on personal preference and the specific application. Both gloss levels have their own properties and advantages.

High gloss exterior paint has a glossy and reflective effect. High-gloss paint creates a sleek and elegant look, your window frame, fence or log cabin will have a beautiful, vibrant look. High-gloss varnishes often have a higher gloss level, making them more resistant to dirt, stains and weathering. They are also easier to clean and maintain because dirt and stains are less likely to adhere to the surface. This makes high-gloss exterior paint a popular choice for your painting around the house. Be aware, however, that the glossy effect can highlight possible flaws in the surface, such as scratches and blemishes, this is important to keep in mind when making your choice of exterior paint. 

A matte exterior paint provides a smooth and non-reflective result. This is a popular choice for anyone who wants to give their fence, gazebo, door or window frames outside a more subdued and modern look. A surface appears smoother and more even, which can also be a reason to choose exterior paint without gloss. However, matte exterior paints can also be more susceptible to dirt and stains, as they are less resistant to wear and tear and less easy to clean.

It’s a matter of taste, so it’s up to you to decide whether to buy high gloss or matte exterior paint. Which suits your home and garden best? What atmosphere do you want to create and how important is it that the surface is impervious to dust and dirt? If you have questions about exterior paint from Sikkens or another brand, you can also contact the customer service of Online Paint, the paint specialist for exterior and interior paint.

What is the best exterior paint? .