What do you use a tablecloth for

What do you use a tablecloth for?

Generally, a tablecloth is most commonly used for during dinner. However, it is also super cozy to use it for during breakfast or lunch. Of course, during the week there is not always time for that. Only at the weekend you can make your breakfast and lunch a special moment. A tablecloth is also good to use during drinks with friends. Then there are many snacks and drinks on the table. It can happen that someone accidentally knocks over his or her glass. By having a tarpaulin on the table this is not a problem because it is easily cleaned. Are you someone who really loves game nights? Then a tablecloth is not to be missed! Because of the flat surface, you no longer have a discussion about whether the dice rolled correctly . Don’t have a table sail yet but would like one? Nowadays they don’t have to be boring sails anymore! At the webshop hiptafelzeil you have an extensive range. You have a lot of nice and trendy prints but also solid colors.

Tips for the perfect game night

Would you like to organize a successful games night? Then we have some tips for you that will definitely make it work:

Provide not too much fuss on the table: By this we mean decoration stuff. During a game night, the table quickly becomes very crowded. Therefore, it is wise to remove decoration from the table. A colorful tablecloth brightens up the table anyway!

Tasty snacks are always a hit: For during games, it’s nice to have a small snack on the table. These can be simple snacks like chips, pretzels and nuts. Also, puff pastry snacks and toasts with salads always do very well!

Cool drinks before the fierce battle: A cool drink is also very nice to serve. After all, during the fierce battle, the temperature can rise quite a bit!

A wide assortment of games: It is nice when there is a wide selection of games. That way you and the party at the time can choose which game you will do. Also, you can do a short game at the beginning and end with a long game. That way you are not playing the same game all the time.

Always discuss the rules beforehand: To avoid hassles during play, it is wise to go over the rules carefully. This will prevent discussions halfway through the game about how to play. You can always briefly write down the rules on a piece of paper. This way you can always take a peek to see if things are still going as they should.

Have one person keep score: Scorekeeping is also a subject that sometimes causes fuss. Of course you want to keep it fun while playing! Therefore, have one person keep the score for that night. That way you avoid any hassle or miscommunication.

Provide a small present: It’s nice to get a small present for the winner of the game. Do buy the same thing each time so you all know in advance what you are fighting for!

How do you clean table linens?

After dinner, drinks or a game night, the tablecloth must of course be cleaned. Only what is the best way to do this. Actually it is very simple! You just clean the tablecloth with some soapy water. Only do not use strong caustic detergents. These can damage the PVC and the print of the tarpaulin. You want to avoid this because you want to use your tablecloth for a long time! Always keep a damp cloth handy. Stains such as tomato, mustard, curry, etc. quickly go into the tarpaulin and cannot be removed.

What do you use tablecloth for .