What are the differences between artificial turf and natural grass

What are the differences between artificial turf and natural grass

A green turf in the garden always looks very fresh and inviting. The children not only enjoy playing on it, you can also give the garden a cozy look with the green grass. The downside is that grass needs regular maintenance. And if you do not have time for that or you do not have green fingers, but you still want a nice green mat in your garden, then an artificial grass garden is a good alternative.

A low-maintenance garden

Grass suits every garden and every style. In a modern, industrial design of the garden, the grass can be in a the tight line between the terrace and the concrete planters. In a natural garden full of flowers and plants, on the contrary, it is a playful interruption between the various flowerbeds and borders. Especially if you like to have a low-maintenance garden, artificial grass is a good solution. For example, you don’t have to think about regularly mowing the grass. In addition, you also don’t have to deal with unwanted plants that pop up between the grass clumps, such as clover or dandelions. If you do like gardening, then laying these synthetic turf mats is also a good idea for you. Because you spend less time maintaining the lawn in your garden, you can put all your energy into maintaining the flowers and plants in your garden.

A natural look even in a shade garden

Is your garden north-facing so little sun comes into your garden? Or do you live in an area where the soil can’t hold much moisture? Natural grass, although it seems like a simple plant, also needs good conditions to grow. Artificial grass can be laid in any garden and on any surface. You put a layer of sand under the turf so you can easily level the ground. Moreover, sand promotes water penetration. The artificial turf has a natural look, is soft to the touch and is also resistant to discoloration. Even if the grass is used intensively, for example because there is playground equipment, it will not wear out. And so you don’t have to re-seed the grass every spring to enjoy a beautiful green lawn in your garden in the summer.

What are the differences between artificial grass and natural grass .