Walking the cat in the garden Heres how to do

Walking the cat in the garden? Here’s how to do it!

Is your cat not originally an outdoor cat, but would still like to take him or her outside sometime? Then you might consider purchasing a cat harness. This way you can safely introduce your cat to the outside world and go on adventures together. In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about cat harnesses.

Finding the right size

First of all, it is obviously very important to choose the right size so that the harness is comfortable for your cat. For one thing, make sure that the harness does not press into the armpits. When this is the case, you know it is too small. On the other hand, it is also important that you cannot put more than two fingers between the harness and the body. If you can, you know the harness is too big. Fortunately, most cat harnesses are adjustable, allowing you to properly adjust it to fit your four-legged friend’s body. To find out the approximate size of your cat, use a tape measure to measure the chest circumference when your cat is standing.

Choosing the cat harness

Once you figure out your cat’s size, you can start picking out a cat harness. There are several options. For example, standard cat harnesses go around the cat’s neck and chest. An H harness, on the other hand, forms an H on the cat’s back. This takes pressure away from the neck. This is nice for cats that could use a little more support. Finally, vest harnesses also exist. As the name suggests, these harnesses sit like a vest. This means that a large part of the upper body is covered. Vest harnesses are recommended for cats that have yet to get used to wearing a harness (such as kittens) or for cats that tend to pull a lot.

Getting your cat used to it

Once you’ve found the perfect harness for your cat, it’s time to get your furry friend used to it. It is important to do this step by step. So don’t put the harness on right away, but put it in a familiar place. This way your cat can smell it and maybe even play with it. Later you can put the harness on your cat’s back when it lies down. If you find that your cat responds well to the harness, you can then try putting it on in the house. Let your cat walk around in the harness for a few minutes and slowly extend this time. When all the steps have gone well, you can go outside. Use a cat leash to do this. Let your cat slowly get used to all the stimuli in the yard and again build up the exposure slowly. Throughout the process it is important to reward your cat for good behavior. For example, give a tasty cat treat or schedule a playtime with his or her favorite cat toy. In addition, pay attention to body language; in the end it is all about your cat liking it. Do you ever take your indoor cat outside?

Take your cat out in the garden? Here’s how to do it! .