The main features of a bevel laser you should look

The main features of a bevel laser you should look for

Chamfer lasers are essentials when it comes to creating a large structure, finishing a home or building a shed or garage. But while this is a very handy and indispensable tool, it is difficult to figure out which bevel laser to choose. Chamfer lasers are characterized by different features that make them all slightly different. This makes the search for the most suitable bevel laser even more difficult! Therefore, we list a number of features and describe what you should think about. This will bring you one step closer to making the perfect choice!

Is the laser self-leveling?

An important feature with any laser is its ability to self-level. This means leveling the projected lines. However, limited capacity must be taken into account here. While many slope lasers are self-leveling, this does come with limitations. There is often a limit of up to 5 degrees. This means that when the slope laser is skewed, it can compensate the line to level but this is only possible when this degree of skew does not exceed 5 degrees. Some other slope lasers have a greater degree of compensation capability. So look into this especially carefully before choosing a slope laser.

Is the product water and shock resistant?

For outdoor projects, it is important to choose a slope laser that can withstand water. A slope laser must be water-resistant to survive during the wetter and colder months. This also applies to shock resistance. For many outdoor jobs, the slope laser must be able to withstand shock and vibration and be stable. This is also nice for indoor jobs.

Is it remotely controllable?

Many bevel lasers are equipped with many innovative technical gadgets. This includes remote control of a laser. By using a remote control, a shear laser can sometimes be operated from up to 200 meters away. This is a great advantage for large projects or jobs where the laser is positioned in a more awkward spot.

How large is the diameter range?

Diameter range is another important feature. Not all lasers can project from far away. Therefore, estimate in advance the minimum distance between the laser and the area to be projected. However, the lighting conditions must be taken into account. In highly lit conditions, the range can be greatly reduced.

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