Playhouse Davey turns a garden into a dream garden

Playhouse Davey turns a garden into a dream garden

Thanks to playhouse Davey Transforms any garden into a dream garden for little ones. But how do children imagine their garden and playhouse? Are you planning to buy a playhouse for your child? Then it is important to know which elements should definitely not be missing in a child’s dream garden. You will also get some tips on how to make your own garden a dream garden for your child.

Playhouse Davey

Playhouse Davey is made of FSC wood that lasts for years because it is impregnated. On the side the house has a window with a planter underneath and on the front a door that consists of two parts. A so-called farmer’s door. To ensure that the cottage will last a long time, the roof is covered with roofing material. Note that the cottage has no bottom and is not painted. But the latter is absolutely no problem for little ones. You can easily transform the cottage into a fire station if there is that desire.

If I had a garden

What does the garden of young urban children look like if you ask them? Let’s start with my youngest Cay’s ideas. He is three years old. His wish garden is one with lots of room to run. Because right now all he is doing is running. He wants a big meadow in the garden and trees he can “run around without shoes”. “I also need water,” demands Cay. “I am a fireman. I need water for the fire hose. That’s why we painted his playhouse red. It’s his firehouse. He also wants a fire truck and a police car in the yard. “I will drive it around the garden all the time.”

Boyfriend Mats has very different wishes

His toddler buddy Mats interrupts Cay: “I want sand. Lots of it. And a digger. With a shovel.” Our friends’ little daughter (Jasmine) whom we asked the same question, said: “I want a swing with a very long ribbon” in the backyard so I can swing it “very high”. She pauses for a long moment of thought and adds, “I also have a flower bed. It grows stuff for me to eat.” Childhood dreams can be fulfilled very easily thanks to Playground King.


Playhouse Davey turns a garden into a dream garden .