Otto Seals 5 best selling sealants

Otto Seal’s 5 best-selling sealants

Sealant is available and for sale in many different types, both at the construction store and online. For example, you can think about water-resistant and mold-resistant sealants, sealants for indoor or just outdoor use, sealants by color, and sandable and paintable sealants. Sealants can also be classified according to their composition. The most important and best-selling types are silicone sealant and acrylic sealant. In this blog, we would like to list the five best-selling sealants from Otto Seal. Read on quickly.


The S51 is a special 1-component silicone sealant based on aminoxim. This silicone sealant is suitable for sealing elastic joints of plastic floors. For example, floor and connection joints in various types of plastic, but also design floors, such as vinyl, rubber, linoleum and PVC floors. The S51 has excellent adhesion without the need to use a primer first. The sealant is available in more than 40 colors.


The S110 is a versatile 1K oxim-based silicone sealant. Because the S110 can be used for a variety of purposes, it is a favorite of many professionals. Consequently, the sealant has the seal of quality of the IVD. This sealant can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, use the sealant to treat connection joints on doors or windows made of wood, metal or plastic. Does it concern connection joints in sanitary environments or somewhat heavier construction work? Even then the S110 is extremely suitable.


For sealing and grouting on marble and other natural stones, you need a neutral silicone sealant, such as the S70. This acid-free sealant does not attack the stone. In addition, this sealant is not corrosive to unprotected metal surfaces. Thanks to its antifungal properties, S70 can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, the sealant is resistant to weathering, UV radiation and aging and has excellent tear resistance.


Are you looking for a 1K construction silicone sealant based on alkoxy? Then take a look at the S125. This easy-to-process and low-odor alkoxy silicone sealant is used in a variety of ways within the construction industry. The sealant is suitable for various expansion and connection joints and is therefore multi-purpose. Choose from several beautiful (matte) colors.


Finally, the S100, the sanitary silicone with unsurpassed processing properties. S100 is an acetate-based one-pack silicone sealant. This sealant is extremely suitable for use in sanitary environments. Think for example of the bathroom or the kitchen. Here too you can choose from more than 85 different colors, so there is always a suitable color for you.

<strong>The 5 best-selling sealants from Otto Seal</strong> .