Low budget mirror wall creation

Low-budget mirror wall creation

Would you like to create a mirror wall low-budget but don’t know exactly how? Then we have the solution to make it happen! That is the product mirror foil. With this you can easily create a mirror wall without having to buy and mount an expensive mirror. The nice thing about mirror film is that you can easily cut it to the size you need. This way you do not have to incur extra costs to have a mirror precisely tailored to your needs. At the webshop www.plakfoliewebshop.nl you will find a wide range of different mirror films.

How do you attach mirror foil?

Applying mirror film is relatively easy but how easy exactly? First, you start by measuring exactly how much you need. After this you are going to see if the substrate is properly prepared. If it isn’t, do this well in advance. That way you can be sure that this is dry and you can start gluing safely. Now cut the foil the way you want it exactly. It may also help to mark off the wall slightly, that way you know exactly where to stick the foil. Now spray the surface wet with a plant sprayer. This prevents the foil from sticking immediately and you can still correct it slightly. Start pasting in one corner so that you have a clear line for pasting. Continue like this over the rest of the wall to make your mirror complete. Once you have done this you can start removing the water. Do this by rubbing from the center to the sides with a squeegee. This way, all the water will get underneath today and the film will be firmly stuck to the wall.

Can mirror film be stuck to any surface?

With film, it is very important that the surface is smooth and flat. If this is not the case, air can get underneath it and therefore it cannot adhere. As a result, over time it will come loose or not sit nicely. This is of course a great shame if you have invested effort and money in it. It is therefore important that the surface is smooth and flat. Also, you cannot just stick on blank wood or drywall. These must first be prepared with primer or a special primer. This is because there must be a layer for the film to adhere to. With both blank wood and drywall, this is not possible. Remember, therefore, always check that the substrate is properly prepared before you start pasting.

Low-budget creating a mirror wall .