Interior design tips for small living

Interior design tips for small living

Grand living in a few square meters, it may sound impossible but it certainly isn’t. Okay, I admit it is a challenge but if you are smart and imaginative and make the best use of every space it really is possible. Have you bought a small home in Almere or Amsterdam? And could you use some help? Get inspired: with these tips you can live small and enjoy big!

14 tips for furnishing a compact home

In a small living room, a large sofa with separate seating elements is ideal because their flexibility allows you to use them for different purposes.
Make the most of the “useless” spaces under your stairs and bed by putting/making drawers or shelves under them, for example.
Use multifunctional and foldable pieces of furniture like a sofa bed or a folding dining table.
A small bathroom looks bigger with light wall tiles.
Turn a small corner into a mini-office in no time with a shelf and a chair/stool.
Would you prefer to keep everything and still live spaciously? Then unfortunately I have to disappoint you: go through your stuff regularly and ask yourself if you really need it. If not, make someone else happy with it or take it to the thrift store.
Clean up your stuff regularly, the less “clutter” the “bigger” you live.
Place a round item, such as a dining table, in your interior for a playful effect. After all, a small space looks straight and angular pretty quickly.
Hang a tall, vertical mirror and the room suddenly appears optically much larger.
Keep it light and give walls, ceilings and floors a light color for a spatial effect.
Want to add an accent color? Then choose one color and have it recur in several places (for example, a sofa, accessories and a wall).
Create depth by using different layers. Think for example of a rug with a different color as the floor or a neutral sofa with cushions in different colors or textures.
Make the most of a sloping wall by creating a closet there. Is it a rental property? Be sure to discuss this with the landlord.
Go up and use the full height of the wall for a closet, for example.

Other things to watch out for:

The right colors

Work with white or light colors. This is because light colors work more spatially than dark colors. However, you can choose to choose one accent color. Another advantage is that light colors actually allow you to experiment with decoration and fabrics.

Practical choices

Choose multipurpose furniture, such as a dining table that can also be used as a desk, a sofa bed and an ottoman where you can store things. What is also very convenient is an extendable dining table that you can extend when visitors come.

The height in

Work in height rather than width. For example, choose narrow storage cabinets that reach all the way to the top. What also gives a very spacious effect is a sleek banister that extends all the way from the bottom to the top of your stairs. Personally, I find a stainless steel banister not only very sleek and stylish, it also gives a very spatial effect.

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