Insulated garden office for home workers

Insulated garden office for home workers

Working from home? If you struggle with space, it’s time to get your computer off the kitchen table and set yourself up in a dedicated work space. Here are some garden office inspiration tips to help you out.

Work in a warm and well-organized space that you can shut down and leave when it’s time to call it a day. Here we share some practical tips for turning an insulated garden room into a professional, productive new office.

The benefits of having an office in your garden

A garden office is convenient, saves money and frees you from long commutes. Moreover, research by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health found that the cognitive performance of those who worked in “green” environments was on average twice as high as that of people who worked in conventional offices.

It’s not some crappy office cubicle with no personality. So decorate it as you would the rest of your home and breathe some of your own personality into the space.

Key considerations for a garden room office

So you’ve bought a garden building that’s ready to be converted into an office. What else should you consider besides local city planning regulations?

The position of your garden office is important. Do you want to make it a striking focal point on its own, or tucked away in a quiet corner? What views would you like to enjoy from your office windows, and how might you tilt it to make the most of the natural light?

To work comfortably and efficiently, you need amenities such as heating, light and connectivity.

Electricity is an area where you need to know what you’re doing. A garden room of less than 30 m² does not need building codes, although any electrical installation will do.

An outdoor security light will help you get to and from your office during the dark winter months, but indoor lighting is the best way to add ambiance and personality to your new workspace.

An insulated garden room is perfect for year-round use

If you plan to work in your home office during the winter months, you need to make sure that the structure is well insulated and that efficient heating and ventilation options are in place.

An affordable option for a garden room that can be used year-round is a log cabin with thick wooden walls and double-glazed windows.

How to plan your office layout

Keeping a tidy space will help you continue your day smoothly. Designating a relaxation area can also improve productivity – add a couch or comfortable armchair. Place your workspace against a window to avoid glare from the screen.


Arriving ’s first thing in the morning at your quiet and tidy desk will be motivating and inspiring.

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