How do I set up my own trampoline in the

How do I set up my own trampoline in the garden?

When the big moment arrives that the parcel service delivers the new trampoline to your home, of course you want to unpack and set it up as quickly as possible. No bulky manuals, just set up the trampoline in a few logical steps so the kids can ‘go wild’ as soon as possible.

Choosing the right spot

Before you start unpacking everything, make sure you have the right spot. If that place is indoors, make enough room to walk around the trampoline. Also, no breakable items should be nearby. Putting the trampoline outside is easier, of course. Just remember to make sure it is not in the way and can inconvenience others. Needless to say, placing the trampoline under low-hanging branches of trees should be avoided.


Ok, you have chosen a spot. Now it is important to clean this spot and cut the grass quite short. This will prevent unnecessary dirt on the trampoline. Once this is done, you can fully concentrate on the trampoline.

In the ground…..

It is important to have a solid and straight surface. To take that a little further, you can also dig the trampoline in. This has several advantages: First, it looks nicer, and second, it is safer. The deeper you dig it in, the less high the kids can fall if something unexpected happens. In addition, it is also easy to climb on without steps.

Digging in also has a very big disadvantage: A considerable hole has to be dug anyway, and the excess sand has to be disposed of. Although you can also consider digging the hole half-deep and using the excess sand as a kind of embankment around the trampoline.

Or on the ground?

If you want to save yourself all this trouble, or you’re under tremendous pressure from the kids to put it up as soon as possible anyway, you can also just build it up on the ground. The advantage of that is that you’re done quickly, and you can move the trampoline afterwards or even take it down again if you don’t want to leave your new purchase outside in the winter.

Accessories for safety and protection

If small children are going to use the trampoline, there are many practical accessories available to increase the comfort and safety of jumping. These include a trampoline safety net (especially if the trampoline is near a tree or wall), steps for easy climbing on and off and, of course, a protective cover if you want to keep the trampoline from unnecessary exposure to the weather.

How do I set up my own trampoline in the garden .