Heres why miraDry is the solution for your sweat sores

Here’s why miraDry is the solution for your sweat sores

Do you prefer not to wear tight clothes to avoid large visible sweat patches? And don’t have to think about putting on many layers on top of each other because you are very distressed that you will start sweating excessively quickly? Besides the fact that it can lead to physical complaints, we understand that it can be incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. Of course, you want to do everything you can to prevent it. Good news: with the miraDry treatment, excessive sweating is a thing of the past. The treatment ensures that you are permanently free of extraordinary perspiration. How nice that sounds! Below we explain all about the miraDry treatment and where you can have it performed.

What is a miraDry treatment?

For those who want to get rid of excessive armpit sweat permanently, the miraDry treatment is the perfect treatment. In this treatment, the sweat glands of the armpit are treated. Even though the sweat glands lie far below the skin, they can be treated superficially. Thus, the treatment is not performed surgically. During the miraDry treatment, the sweat glands of the armpit are exposed to electromagnetic energy. Sounds all a bit complicated, right? Actually, it’s very simple: this energy releases a heat, which penetrates the sweat glands and shuts them off forever. As a result, the treatment is permanent. And the nice thing is that only the sweat glands are addressed. In fact, the skin is cooled with a water-cooled cooling system, leaving you with no damage.

During the treatment

Prior to the treatment, the treatment area on the armpits is marked, after which they are numbed locally with a thin needle. This makes the treatment virtually painless. Once the anesthesia has worn off. the treatment can really begin. The miraDry device, which looks like a kind of infrared thermometer, is placed against the armpit and radiates heat into the sweat glands. After going back and forth several times, the glands are eliminated. Already after the first one-hour treatment, 82% of people have reduced sweat production. To ensure that all sweat glands are eliminated, a few more follow-up appointments may be required.

Where can I have a miraDry treatment performed?

To have the treatment done carefully, it is important to approach a physician or specialist. A specialist in the dermatological field is Dr. Marco van Coevorden. In his practice, located in De Bilt, he is happy to help you achieve a natural, youthful and rested appearance. That way, you no longer have to worry about walking around with excessive sweat glands and can wear your favorite tight and thick garments again.

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