Heres how to create a cozy seating area in the

Here’s how to create a cozy seating area in the front yard

There are several reasons to create a seating area in your front yard. For example, because there is longer sun than in your backyard, because you like to connect with the neighborhood or simply because you have no other outdoor space. Whatever the reason, it is of course nice if it becomes a pleasant and attractive place. In this article you will read tips to create your own cozy seating area in your front yard.

Tip 1. Add plants and flowers

No matter how big or small your front yard is, greenery should not be missing. Plants and flowers make your seating area attractive. So pay enough attention to this. Create a colorful flower border or put some beautiful (artificial) plants in a pot. Alternate with different species and heights. In this way it looks playful and lively. Moreover, you create a little more privacy if you add a few taller plants or shrubs.

Tip 2. Decorate the front door with a wreath

A wreath on the front door is not only cozy for the holidays, but an atmospheric addition for any time! Of course, leave the baubles for the summer. Match the colors and flowers to the current season. Want to enjoy them extra long? Then purchase a beautiful wreath of silk artificial flowers. A silk wreath lasts an incredibly long time and you can reuse it every year.

Tip 3. Make sure you have an even surface

If you want to create a safe and comfortable seating area in the front yard, the surface must be level. This way you can be sure that the chairs will stay put. Nothing is more annoying than a wobbly seat.

Tip 4. Use compact seating

In the front yard, you often have limited space. Therefore, choose seating furniture with a compact design. For example, there are garden benches that take up little space, but compact garden chairs are also an excellent purchase. For extra comfort, it is nice if the garden chairs are adjustable and have a soft seat.

Tip 5. Set up a small table

Don’t forget to place a small side table next to the garden chairs. Here you can put a drink on it, but also put extra decoration on it. Think of a nice succulent plant or artificial flowers in a nice pot. If necessary, attach the table to something so it cannot blow away.

Tip 6. Add garden lighting

Make the seating area even cozier with garden lights. Solar powered garden lights have no wiring, making them super easy to install. You can place or hang it anywhere you want. Do you already have a nice seating area in the front yard?

This is how to create a cozy seating area in the front yard .