Getting your garden ready for summer is how you do

Getting your garden ready for summer is how you do it

Slowly the weather outside is getting warmer, spring is coming. For many households this is the time to get the garden ready for the coming summer months. This means removing weeds, tackling the green deposits on the terrace tiles and mowing the lawn for the first time this year. Spring is also a good time to fertilize the borders in the garden so that the plants and shrubs have enough nutrients for the coming months. Getting the garden ready for summer is also a good time to add extra luxuries to the garden, think about a swimming pool, for example. More and more people are considering it!

New garden furniture for the terrace

Luxury is not just in a pool, by the way. It may be time to replace the existing garden furniture and lounge set on your terrace or porch. Wooden garden furniture in particular will continue to deteriorate over time, think of the risk of wood rot or, for example, a green deposit on the wood. In the first few years, sanding the wooden garden furniture and then repainting it is sufficient. As the furniture ages, this will be increasingly difficult. A good alternative is a lounge set made of aluminum or plastic. A durable choice!

Installing a porch against your home

To be able to sit outside early in spring, more and more Dutch people have a veranda in the garden. A veranda provides shelter from the wind, provided the sides can be closed off. Thereby, you don’t have to go inside right away if it rains once in the summer. It is very pleasant to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a good glass of wine outside as early as April and May. By combining the veranda with a comfortable lounge set and one or more heaters you have a very nice place to unwind after a busy day at work.

Inflatable or fixed pool in the garden

Earlier you read that a swimming pool is worth considering if you want to add luxury to the garden. Pools don’t have to be expensive! For example, choose an inflatable model. By placing it on a stable, flat and above all clean surface, you can enjoy it for ages. An alternative is a fixed, built-in pool in the garden. There are several online garden stores that offer these pools.

Buying a Jacuzzi or a sauna

Want to be able to sit in the pool even in the fall or winter? In that case, look into a Jacuzzi. Like swimming pools, these spas come in both inflatable, and fixed models. It is great to take a seat in your warm jacuzzi when the temperature is a little lower. In summer, the jacuzzi offers cooling just like a swimming pool. The alternative to a pool and jacuzzi is a sauna. Here, choose between a traditional Finnish sauna and a modern infrared sauna.

Tip: combine the sauna in the garden with an outdoor shower! The outdoor shower offers you coolness on hot days in summer.

Getting your garden ready for summer is how you do it .