Different trailers

Different trailers

Are you looking for quality trailers? Then there is plenty of choice on the trailer market. You have several types of trailers to choose from. There are transport trailers such as the car transporter, machine transporter and multi-transporter. Furthermore, you have tippers and box trucks. You also have the closed trailers. Finally, you have flatbed trailers. These trailers all have different features which makes them all unique from the others.

What is the difference between the flatbed trailer and the box truck?

A box truck, unlike the flatbed trailer, has the wheels next to the load floor. Because of this, the width of the trailer is not the width of the body. So the platform trailer has the wheels under the load floor, making the load floor as wide as the trailer. The platform trailer has another convenient feature, it has boards that can fold down loosely. This makes loading and unloading much easier.

Transport trailers

The first transport trailer sold in the trailer market is the car transporter. The car transporter specializes in transporting cars. This car transporter has a 10 cm high railing instead of the standard boards around the trailer. The second in the transport trailers is the machine transporter. These are made for transporting machinery. Think for example of a small excavator. Finally, you have the multi-transporter. This one is suitable for transporting both cars and smaller machines. It can also carry a standard load like a flatbed trailer.

Closed trailers

The enclosed trailers are perfect for transporting goods when the weather is bad. With the enclosed trailer, you won’t be bothered by bad weather conditions such as rain. This keeps your goods dry and nothing breaks down. There are also closed trailers made for vacationers and for the hobbyist. There is also a special version made for the closed trailers. So you have the refrigerated trailer, this is a closed trailer where the inside of the trailer is cooled. This keeps the products cold when they are in the trailer.

Tipper trailers and motorcycle trailers

A dump truck is perfect when you need to transport raw materials such as stones or sand and then dump them. For example, when you are remodeling your house or garden. This tipper makes transporting these raw materials easier because of its tipping function. So you can easily dump your stones or sand from the trailer. A motorcycle trailer is a trailer that you use to transport your motorcycles. So you can move your motorcycles quickly and easily.

Renting trailers

Renting a trailer, this can always be done for when you only need it for a weekend. Also because buying a trailer at once is way too expensive for this. Aanhangwagendirect.nl rents out a number of trailers. One of the trailers they rent out is the closed trailers. These can be picked up at the company in Heerenveen, Friesland. Aanhangwagendirect also sells trailers. Furthermore, they have a very wide range of spare parts. For more information or questions, please contact the customer service of Aanhangwagendirect.

Different trailers .