Cleaning your shower is how you do it

Cleaning your shower is how you do it

Your shower Cleaning is a household task that you should do regularly. After all, if you don’t do this, over time you won’t get rid of all the limescale and soap scum so easily. Cleaning the bathroom involves a lot of things. Not only do you have to clean the shower, but also the faucets, the toilet, the bathroom cabinet, the grouting and the tiles. But how exactly do you do that? Especially if you have natural stone or black faucets in your bathroom, you can’t just use any kind of cleaning product. This is because when you use anti-calcium on natural stone or black, dull or even bald spots will appear. It is important to avoid this since you do not want to renovate your bathroom every few years.

The faucets and shower head

The faucets and shower head in the shower are often exposed to scale on a daily basis. As a result, limescale will become visible over time. It is also possible for the holes of the shower head to become clogged with limescale. Especially if you have black faucets in your bathroom, you will soon see this limescale. It is advisable to dry the faucets and shower head with a towel after every shower. However, this does not immediately prevent limescale. Descaling your shower head is very simple. All you need is a little cleaning vinegar and some water. Unscrew the shower head and place it in a container with a mixture of water and cleaning vinegar. Soak the shower head for a few hours and then rinse it with water. You will see that almost all of the scale is gone. The faucets are best sprayed with the same mixture and let it soak in for a while as well. Then rinse the faucets and the scale is gone.

The joints in the shower

Don’t have a shower pan but a tiled floor in your shower? Then you will probably have noticed that the joints in the floor become discolored over time. This is caused not only by limescale but also by soap residue. You often cannot clean these joints with a mixture of water and cleaning vinegar. It is best to use a mixture of chlorine and water. You put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray the joints. Then you let it soak in for about fifteen minutes. After this you rinse the joints with water. You will see that after this there will be no more soap residue on the joints in your shower. You can clean the tiles with some water and cleaning vinegar. This is because most bathroom tiles have a coating that prevents soap residue from sticking to the tiles so easily.

The shower stall

Do you shower in a shower stall? Then you probably know that cleaning such a cabin can sometimes be quite a chore. You can also clean a shower stall very easily with a little water and cleaning vinegar. Did you know that you can very easily wipe away stains in the cabin with an eraser? There are several ways to get your shower stall spotless. The same goes for cleaning the shower itself. From now on, you won’t have to spend dozens of dollars a year on all kinds of expensive cleaning products. After all, with some water, cleaning vinegar and chlorine you’ll go a long way.


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Cleaning your shower is how you do it .