Choose remodeling instead of moving

Choose remodeling instead of moving

Many people ask themselves this question. Is it smart to monetize your home’s surplus value and invest in a new home, or is it smarter to stay where you are and make it a lot more comfortable in your current home? Often the latter is a good option financially.

Moving costs money

Often, moving costs a lot of money anyway. Apart from all the administrative costs and your monthly burden that often goes up after a move, a new house you buy never meets your needs 100% and you still want to do all sorts of things yourself in it or have them done, which also costs a lot. Of course, moving can increase your standard of living, you often get more space inside and outside and that’s worth a lot, but don’t forget that you can also achieve more space inside by remodeling.

Kitchen tackle

If you no longer like your kitchen or parts are broken you can always think about a kitchen renovation. You certainly don’t have to replace your entire kitchen, but sometimes it can make a huge difference if you just replace the kitchen doors or the countertop. This will make your kitchen look like new again, and it will save quite a bit of money compared to buying a completely new kitchen.

Bathroom remodel

Often the bathroom, along with the kitchen, is also something that is very much about taste and something that, because a lot of water is used in this room, may need replacing sooner than the other rooms in your home. Fortunately, these days there are also more and more companies that can replace parts of your bathroom, or if you have the money, remodel your entire bathroom for you. They are getting more and more creative in how to handle this, so no matter how big or small your bathroom is, there is always a good solution to come up with that won’t immediately cost the big bucks. 

Improve bedrooms

Bedrooms should feel good, radiate peace and give you a carefree night. If you do not feel comfortable in your bedroom, this is difficult to achieve. Therefore, be well inspired by what would make you happy in your bedroom. Maybe it already helps if you put down carpeting instead of a hard cold floor. The choice of materials, including your curtains, can certainly already influence how your room feels. And also look at color, choose colors in your bedroom that give peace. 

Approaching your home creatively

The location where your house is located is already very important. Is it right for you what environment your house is in, do you have nice neighbors and a nice outside to be in when the weather is nice, but doesn’t it always feel right inside? Then it’s smart to take a look at changes in your home. They can be small, like just replacing some furniture or curtains, or something bigger like renovating your kitchen, updating your bathroom, laying new flooring or even moving or removing some interior walls. This can be done step by step, and especially if you choose to renovate rather than completely replace, you can cut the costs for this tremendously and for a nice amount of money you will have a nice house that you feel good in again.

Choose renovating instead of moving .