Buying window coverings with something

Buying window coverings with something ‘extra’

Window coverings are promoted primarily as a decorative element in the room. This makes sense because in product photos, colors and styles stand out more than strings dangling from the side. On this page, we look beyond window coverings and pay attention to practical applications. And then we quickly turn to electric curtains. You can operate them remotely or even automate them completely without cords. How this works and what you need to do this is explained on this page.

What is a smart curtain?

Curtains are showpieces, made to be beautiful but not really practical. It may seem so at first glance because you can open and close them. But what happens when the sun shines brightly inside? Then you want the curtains to close but nothing happens. If you wake up in the middle of winter you don’t want to get out of bed to see if there is a thick blanket of snow. It would be nice if the curtains would open by themselves. That’s what we mean by something “extra,” a solution to remotely control the curtains or even have them open and close completely automatically. That’s called a smart curtain, intended for smart people who make technology work for them. Looking for a complete solution that you can pick and order at home? Then check out Poweredblinds, a system that works with technology from Somfy. You can also customize a system yourself or outsource the thinking to a window coverings retailer that provides Somfy technology.

What options are available with smart window decoration?

So far it sounds appealing but what is the real added value of these smart gadgets? Here are some practical applications you can realize with Somfy products:

Set a timer that opens the bedroom window coverings in the morning instead of an irritating alarm. This will help you wake up better rested and thus train your circadian rhythm.

Link a light sensor to the curtains that opens and closes based on light intensity. Is the sun shining brightly? Then the curtains close. Does the sun set while you’re still at work? The curtains close automatically.

Create links with other smart home applications such as lights that turn on as soon as the window curtains close or the exact opposite.

Does the smoke alarm go off? Then every second is precious. Pair a smart alarm system with the curtains and have them open in all rooms in the house to notify all roommates.

You stand in the kitchen with two dirty hands while the sun hits the kitchen window exactly. Just tell the smart assistant to leave the blinds down in the kitchen. Then your favorite Spotify playlist will just continue on the smart speaker.

So buying window coverings doesn’t start with picking out a pretty color but with cons about what you want to achieve with them. Are you going for pretty or practical? Why not both? Fortunately, most types of window coverings are excellent to automate. This can be done afterwards but often it is more practical and even cheaper to arrange it right at the time of purchase. Check out the information on the website and search here directly for a point of sale near you.

Buying window coverings with something ‘extra’ .