Buying a new shower what to look out for

Buying a new shower: what to look out for?

Are you going to replace your bathroom and looking for a new shower? If so, there are a lot of choices you need to make before you can begin the remodel. Here are the most important things to think about when buying a new shower.

What types of showers are there?

The most obvious option is the classic shower stall. In addition, today there are variations on the shower stall such as the walk-in shower, a shower enclosure or, of course, a bathtub. So look carefully at the dimensions of your bathroom and the other attributes you want to put in it. The standard size in the Netherlands is 90 x 90, but of course you can adjust this to your liking. The advantage of a shower cubicle is that you can place it almost anywhere, thus providing flexibility in the layout. Because there is so much choice in shower cabins there is always a suitable solution for your bathroom.

Design of your shower

You can also choose different designs such as quarter round, rectangular, square or semi-circular. This depends on the location in your bathroom. You also have several choices when it comes to the shower tray. For example, you can choose a level or raised shower tray. In modern bathrooms, you increasingly encounter a ground-level shower tray, as this provides a sleeker effect and increased safety. Check out and get inspired by the best designs!

Materials of shower enclosures

Normally, part of your shower is always made of glass. This allows you to shower without splashing and keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. Go for glass with nano technology or anti-scaling treatment so that the glass repels water and does not hold dirt and limescale. Also, you can choose to put a different tile in your shower from the rest of your bathroom to make it a real eye-catcher. You can also have the handle of the shower door fully customized. Choose a material that won’t rust, such as aluminum. Do you already know how you are going to design your new dream shower and bathroom?

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