A bohemian garden in 3 steps

A bohemian garden in 3 steps

The bohemian style is currently very popular and perfectly suits a relaxed and natural atmosphere in the garden. With a few simple steps, you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful bohemian garden. Below are shared 3 steps to achieve this style in your garden, so you can enjoy a cozy and unique outdoor environment.

Natural elements

A key feature of a bohemian garden is the use of natural elements. Choose organic materials such as wicker, bamboo and wood to create a warm and rustic look. For example, place a bamboo lounge set or a wicker hanging chair in which to relax. Furnish corners with wooden furniture such as tables and chairs, and add a wooden pergola or bamboo screens to create a natural partition. Furthermore, various decorations are available in natural elements such as pendants, mirrors and placemats made of wicker. With natural materials, you bring a piece of natural beauty to your bohemian garden.

Colorful accents

A bohemian garden is characterized by colorful accents that create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere. Choose cushions, rugs and fabrics in rich colors such as red, orange, purple and turquoise. Mix different patterns and prints to create a playful effect. Think ethnic prints, floral motifs and geometric designs. Hang colorful flag lines or dreamcatchers to enhance the bohemian vibe. Adding colorful accents will bring life and energy to your garden. But remember that the basics of bohemian naturally include shades like beige, brown and white.

Green oasis

A bohemian garden is not complete without lush greenery. Create a lush look by adding different types of plants and flowers. Choose plants with large leaves such as ferns, banana plants or monstera’s to create a tropical feel. Also add climbing plants that can grow against walls or pergola’s. Hang baskets of flowering plants and place colorful flower pots in strategic locations. A vegetable garden with herbs and colorful flowers also adds a natural and bohemian element. Make sure you have enough greenery to create a lush oasis where you can relax and unwind.

With these three steps, you can transform your garden into a beautiful bohemian place. Natural elements, colorful accents and an abundance of greenery will create a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Most importantly, you can start enjoying your bohemian garden, whether you are unwinding or pursuing your favorite hobby.

A bohemian garden in 3 steps .