6 reasons to install a water softener

6 reasons to install a water softener

If you’re dealing with hard water in your pipes, a water softener with salt is the ideal solution. Such a system converts hard water into soft water, offering a number of important benefits for your home, your energy bills and the environment, among others. In this article, we give you 6 good reasons to buy and install a water softener.

ADVANTAGE 1: lower energy costs

When hard water flows through your pipes for a long time, limescale can form. This scale causes your pipes to clog up. Over time, this causes less hot water to flow through and, therefore, you have less heat output. The result? You have to heat your home harder and your energy costs rise. By installing a water descaler, you can reduce your energy costs by as much as 20%. Learn more at www.waterontharder-expert.nl.

ADVANTAGE 2: Appliances last longer

Soft water is much better for your household appliances than hard water. That’s because lime settles on your appliances, so they wear out and break down faster. Moreover, they also consume more electricity that way. By using a water softener, you avoid limescale and can extend the life of your household appliances by up to 30%. As a result, you again save costs.

ADVANTAGE 3: less scale build-up

Lime scale on your pipes, faucets, shower head, household appliances, glasses, … can be very annoying. To remove limescale, you often have to use various agents such as chemical anti-scaling products, vinegar, … But if you want to get rid of limescale permanently, a water softener is the only solution. Only a water softener tackles the cause of limescale and not just its consequences.

ADVANTAGE 4: less consumption of cleaning products and soap

Various cleaning and soap products such as washing powder, polishes, dishwasher tablets… work more efficiently when you use soft water. As a result, you can reduce their consumption by up to 50% when you have a water descaler installed. So you can save around €30 annually on the purchase of cleaning and soap products.

ADVANTAGE 5: good for the environment

Furthermore, by buying a water softener, you can also do your bit for the environment in several ways. Because you heat more efficiently, you use less energy and can reduce your CO2 emissions. Furthermore, you need to use less cleaning products and soap, as well as fewer agents to remove limescale. Thus, you ensure less pollution of groundwater. Finally, it also reduces your waste because your household appliances last longer and you are less likely to have to replace them.

ADVANTAGE 6: good for your skin, hair & textiles

Finally, the lime in hard water can damage the protective layer of your skin after a while. Using soft water keeps your skin supple and soft. Also, your hair will keep its shine longer when you wash it with soft water. Furthermore, soft water is better for your clothes and textiles. They also wear out less quickly when you use a descaler and wash them with soft water.

CONCLUSION: Is a water softener interesting?

So when you are dealing with hard water (water hardness of 12 dH or more), there are plenty of good reasons to install a water softener in your home. Not only do you save on energy and cleaning products, you also enjoy soft hair and skin, you have to clean less and you do your bit for the environment. So many interesting benefits that easily outweigh the investment cost of a water softener.

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