5 tips to save on energy by 2023

5 tips to save on energy by 2023!

Saving energy, for years we have been hearing a lot about it. Therefore, many tips are not new. Before you invest in saving energy, you can start by using less energy.

Saving energy, how do you do it?

Don’t be careless with energy but ask yourself where and how less can be done. For example, reduce the use of appliances that use a lot of energy, such as the kettle, a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. Use them only at the cheaper hours. Use only energy-efficient appliances. Also use energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED bulbs, energy-saving bulbs or fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. Use a power strip with a switch to turn off multiple appliances at once. Use smart thermostats to control the temperature in your home. Dig into energy pricing information. And as soon as the sun shines, open the curtains. Your room will quickly be several degrees warmer.

Reduce hot water consumption?

Reduce hot water consumption by taking shorter showers and not leaving the water open longer than necessary. Wash small laundry by hand and hang it outside to dry. Especially in the summer, this will save you a lot of electricity. Always be energy conscious.

Insulating, is it cost-effective?

Insulating, we’ve heard nothing else for years. It saves energy, and that’s true. But when energy prices keep going up, it keeps falling behind. Still, for many people there is nothing left to do but insulate their homes properly to minimize the damage of high energy bills. Cavity wall insulation is a relatively inexpensive way to reduce energy consumption. It is easy to install and a process that does not require extensive work. Insulating glass is suitable for insulating buildings and can be used in windows, doors, walls and roofs. Double glazing is more expensive than single glazing, but its insulating ability means that less heat is lost from the home.

What is Tibber?

Tibber is a Norwegian energy company which has a strong commitment to working with customers. They keep you informed about the most current energy prices and so you can benefit substantially from them. How Tibber works is well explained in this Tibber review. The energy company provides insight into the current prices on the energy market with a detailed app. For example, Tibber allows you to calculate at any time what it costs to run a washing machine or use gas. You can tune in exactly to the lowest prices and save a lot of energy.

Save energy with small changes!

Small changes can save a lot. Replace regular light bulbs with LED bulbs and install draft strips. Use thick over-curtains and avoid heat from your central heating behind curtains. Choose warm home clothing, such as slippers, extra sweaters and warm undergarments.

5 tips to save on energy by 2023! .